Stoney-Wolf Defensive Tactics Principles DVD - $11.88

Increase your confidence in a potentially lethal confrontation with this two-volume DVD set. Instructor David Burnell is a military veteran, national Tae Kwon Do champion and creator of new methods and techniques on how to mitigate risk and survive lethal confrontations. This system has been successfully used by the U.S. Military, Police, Federal agencies and interested civilians. It explores unarmed fighting styles and defensive techniques that are simple to execute in high-stress situations. Available: Volume 1 Focuses on training topics and techniques such as training warm-up, breaking contact, creating space, redirecting energy, center of balance, body position, inside vs. outside, fighting in a closet, changing levels, fish technique, joint manipulation, jamming, blocking, striking, nerve centers and more. 93 minutes. Volume 2 Emphasizes and explores more in-depth defensive techniques including commando technique, fish technique, half pa kua, defensive crawl, jamming, belt grab escapes, elbow grab escapes, headlock escapes, corner escapes, collar grab escape, choke escapes, bear hug escapes, striking/kicking, full mount escapes and more. 68 minutes. Type: DVDs. - $11.88