Stoney-Wolf Calling All Coyotes 3 DVD - Coyote - $8.88

Want to drop some prairie wolves? The Calling All Coyotes 3 DVD is crammed with Randy Andersons tips and tricks for electronic and hand calling coyotes. Watch as Randy and his friends work tirelessly to tempt coyotes with their calls sometimes taking up to an hour. Available: Volume 3 In this two-DVD set, youll see a variety of hunts using both distress howl calls and watch footage of coyotes coming into calls, stopped for the shot, on the run and even dropped at distances of up to 600 yds. Randy also answers many frequently asked questions about calling, and provides helpful instruction thats sure to land you a coyote. Get in on the action, fun and climactic endings with Randy and his pals. Six hours. Color: Coyote. - $8.88