Sterling Rope Prepackaged Accessory Cord - $11.15

The Sterling Rope Accessory Cord comes in assorted colors and a wide range of diameter options, making them extremely versatile for Climbing, recreation, rescue, and utility applications. Many people take accessory cord quality for granted; however, there is a difference. Sterling Rope cords Are unique and they believe better in many ways. Sterling Rope twists the sheath yarn which makes their cords last longer and handle better. Sterling also works with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) offering them an endless variety of cords that Are functional, durable, and even fashionable. Warning: Accessory cords Are not for use as Climbing ropes! Sorry for yelling about it. These Sterling Rope cords Are packaged in pre-cut lengths. The Specs for 2mm MBS: 225 lbs / 1.0 kN The Specs for 3mm MBS: 585 lbs / 2.6 kN The Specs for 4mm MBS: 1034 lbs / 4.6 kN The Specs for 5mm MBS: 1124 lbs / 5.0 kN The Specs for 6mm MBS: 1978 lbs / 8.8 kN The Specs for 7mm MBS: 2788 lbs / 12.4 kN - $11.15