Stealth Tackle Flourocarbon Leaders (100#) - $13.99

Strength, dependability and stealth are key to landing your saltwater trophy fish - thats why you need to rig up with Stealth Tackles Fluorocarbon Leaders. Tied by hand and made of a carbon-based resin thats widely trusted as fishing line for large saltwater game fish, these ultrastrong 14 leaders boast pro-level abrasion resistance, tensile and knot strength, and the near-invisibility that keeps the strikes coming. 150-lb. ball-bearing swivels prevent line twists. Stringease Stay-Lok snaps. Hand-tied and nail knotted with the tag ends crimped and glued. Per 2. Length: 14 ins. Available: 100 lb., 130 lb., 150 lb. Size: 100#. Type: Fluorocarbon Leader Materials. - $13.99