Starboard Whopper AST SUP 10' - $1,499.95

"The mother of compact paddleboard technology." Extremely stable at 34" wide, the Whopper provides stability to paddle through the most turbulent white water and other difficult conditions. Maneuvering the board is simple as it turns easily on the spot with its stability, making it a breeze to paddle into waves. Almost impossible to nose-dive, it catches even the smallest waves with ease, making SUP even more fun. The Whopper continues to surprise with amazingly good wave riding characteristics for its width. To cement our place at the cutting edge of performance, Starboard has a high-paced development program. Only the very best of shapes continue for several seasons - the Whopper is one of them. "Mono concave nose section to flat middle and tail V" Key Features of the Starboard Whopper AST SUP 10': Length: 10'0" 304.8 Cm Width: 34" 86.4 Cm Thickness: 4.1" 10.4 Cm Tail Width: 18.4" 46.7 Cm Volume: 168 L Thruster Center Fin: Hexcel 170 Side Fins: M4.7" - $1,499.95