Starboard Whopper AST Silver SUP Paddleboard 10Ft X 34In - $1,319.95

“This fun shape rewrites the limits on how quick anyone can master paddle boarding in waves.” The Whopper Extra draws on the stability and wave riding characteristics of the Hero and the Whopper, but takes it to a new level. The relatively long hull takes off extremely quickly on a wave, but the rocker and outline still allows it to turn well. It paddles straight and fast for it’s size. The width makes it incredibly stable paddling out through the surf and catching waves, even in the most marginal conditions. The board turns surprisingly well because full stability remains when moving far back towards the tail to turn. Thin rails creates smooth carving and the extra nose kick prevents nose diving. If you want to cheat gravity, this is the board for you. “Mono concave nose section to flat middle and tail V.”Key Features of the Starboard Whopper Extra AST SUP White 10' x 36": Economical price with the same construction as AST Silver and AST Candy. Identical in shape to AST Candy, Wood and Silver models. Light-weight Startouch deck grip. Starboard injection molded center fins. 11’2” x 36”, 10’5” x 32”, 10’5” x 30”, 10’0” x 36”, and 10’0” x 34” are supplied with side flex fins and other boards with center fin only. Same great Starboard service and warranty. Length (cm): 304.4 Width (cm): 91.4 Thickness (cm): 12.5 Tail Width (cm): 48.5 Volume (L): 208 Center Fin: Hexcel 170 Side Fins: M5.5" - $1,319.95