Starboard SUPer Slick Windsurf Board 10' - $706.95

The SUPers are Starboards crossover boards between windsurfing and stand-up paddling. The SUPers are the most accessible way for people of all ages to open the door to the wonderful world of wind and water. Starboards SUPers are available with or without windsurfing sail packages. The perfect non-planing family range bringing you into surfing, paddling and windsurfing, all in one The SUPer 10 -the favourite all-rounder and a known as the best selling Whopper. A fabulous paddle board which performs very well in the waves and at the same time doubles as a cool entry level Windsurfer. The Slick model sports a Thruster fin set up and a TT box with Drake 41 shallow center fin. Slick - a soft-board construction with a durable smooth bottom skin and double internal wood stringers. The most affordable option. The slick models are also available as pure paddle boards, without windsurfing options.Key Features fo the Starboard SUPer Slick Windsurf Board 10': Length (cm): 306 Width (cm): 85.5 Thickness (cm): 12.3 Tail Width (cm): 46.5 Volume (L): 191 Fin: SUPer Daggerboard 570 + SUP 6" 3/4 + 2x M7 Fin Box: Clipper Box + 2 x Mini tuttle + US 8" Recommended sail range: 4.0-7.0 - $706.95