Starboard Slick SUP 10' - $779.95

"The Converse, Whopper and Atlas shapes in Slick skin technology." Slick Skin Technology: Our "soft yet tough" construction for our collection of user-friendly family products. Double wood stringers add overall stiffness. The standing area is reinforced with wood providing extra impact resistance on the deck. Soft Slick bottom material gives a smooth bottom finish which is tough and wear resistant. Featuring a full EVA deck for a soft comfortable touch. The EVA is grooved for traction in the back two thirds of the board. The Slick construction has been updated this year with the addition of high density EVA around the rails for increased impact resistance. This high density EVA has been further toughened through a thermoform process which increases the surface density. All models have a soft sponge tail bumper and soft thruster fins for safety.Key Features fo the Starboard Slick SUP 10': Safe, strong, and economical construction. Full deck pad with 4mm grooved traction EVA foam on rear two-thirds of the board. Soft and safe removable PU fins. Impact-resistant high density thermoformed EVA foam rails. Soft sponge tail bumper. Length (cm): 304.8 Width (cm): 86.4 Thickness (cm): 10.4 Tail Width (cm): 46.7 Volume (L): 168 Center Fin: Soft PU 6" Side Fins: Soft PU 3" - $779.95