Starboard Rio Sport Large Windsurf Board 223L 85.5cm - $1,269.95

Bridging the gap between planing boards and light-wind longboards, blurring the line between stable entry level boards and progressive freeride boards, the Rio S, M and L are the boards that cover the widest scope of users for all-wind conditions: windsurfing for everyone, every time and everywhere.The long and wide shapes of these boards are fast with a smooth glide in light winds. For advanced riders, the longer, narrower shape combined with the inboard heel-recesses and a strong daggerboard allows the board to power upwind off the leeward rail.As the wind speed increases, the Rio S, M and L's extra wide tail provides the early planing, the high speeds and the high performance racing fun that have made it a best seller in the all-wind windsurfing category.Key Features of the Starboard Rio Sport Sailboard: Nose carry handle for convenience. Integrated nose protector New! Longer nose with a longer, lower rocker - for more longitudinal stability and more glide (Rio M and L) Full EVA deck (Rio) Long, wide outlines with extra volume in the rail midsection for additional stability Centre carry handle Multiple insert positions offer tuning options for entry level/ intermediate/advanced riders Extra-wide tails offer easier and earlier planing Contour deck makes it easier than ever to get into the footstraps Tufskin construction Allgaier daggerboard system Side-cuts improve fin drive and release Tail cutaways improve speed and acceleration Length: 300 Width: 85.5 Volume: 23.3 Weight: 16.1 Ideal sail range: 2.0-9.5 - $1,269.95