Starboard Rio Armourtech Windsurf Board X-Large 266L - $1,188.95

The Rios are Starboard's entry-level all-round boards. They cover learning, progressing and planing for the first time. They are considered all-rounders because they are equally good at providing stability for beginners to learn and providing power for progressing windsurfers to get planing smoothly. Once planing, the Rios feel responsive and fun. The Rios advanced shape and fittings make them by far the most thoroughly designed entry-level board on the market today. Starboard's entry-level all-round boards. Stable for beginners, easy to plane for intermediates, responsive and fun for experts. The most advanced entry-level all-round design available The soft EVA deck option: the best choice for comfort. The deck of the board is covered in a soft, grippy and grooved EVA sheet 2 to 6mm thick. The Sport option: the lighter, high performance version of the Rio. The EVA deck is replaced with a conventional non-slip finish. The Armour Tech option: the extra strong model. Perfect for school and clubs, the Armor Tech's double thickness, double layered construction makes the board extra beefy for extra durability. The Rio XL is the longer addition to the Rio range, offering the most glide due to its length, most light-wind speed and most longitudinal stability. It has good sideway stability for beginners due to its 82.5cm width and boxy rails, but not as much as the Start M and L. This makes Rio XL the ideal choice for schools that base their methods on classic gliding speed from the start. First-time windsurfers get gliding right away, and at the same time they will get hooked to the sensation. This is not a board for planing, but a dedicated entry level board.* Specifically extra-long and narrow model * The most glide and longitudinal stability from the range * Volume: 266 L * Length: 336 cm * Width: 82.5 cm * Tail width: 48.1 cm * Thickness: 14.9 cm * Bottom shape (from tail to nose): Flat * Number of footstrap rows: 1 * Fin Drake Shallow FRN 220 * Finbox US 8" * Recommended fin range * Recommended sail range 2-9.5 * Weight (Armour Tech) 18.01 lbs - $1,188.95