Starboard Kode Tufskin Sailboard 122L 72cm - $1,260.95

The Kode Tufskins are two boards in one: exciting, maneuverable freeriders for adults on one hand and stable, compact entry level boards for kids on the other hand. Perfect for sharing windsurfing with Mum, Dad and the kids.What makes the Kode Tufskins unique is first of all their shape. They are very compact: short and wide. This makes them very stable and maneuverable for kids to learn and progress with. For adults, this compact shape makes the board maneuverable, fast and fun. Secondly, the Kode Tufskins are loaded with features and parts that allow the board to fully adapt to its dual purpose.Key Features of the Starboard Kode Tufskin Sailboard: A center carry handle is fitted in the center to make handling the board on land easy. The Kode Tufskins feature a full soft EVA deck for maximum comfort The footstrap position can be fitted to match a beginner's needs, an intermediate rider's or and advanced rider's. Supplied with three fins and are fitted with two fin boxes. This allows them to be fitted with a beginner's fin set up, an intermediate's fin set up, or an advanced rider's fin set up. Length: 236 cm Width: 72 cm Volume: 122 L Weight: 9.6 lbs Ideal sail range: 2.0-9.0 - $1,260.95