Starboard Kode Tuffskin Windsurf Board 137Ltrs 74.5cm - $1,199.95

The Kode Tufskin Sailboards are a dual purpose board: a freeride board for adults and an entry level, progressive board for kids. What makes the shape work for both purposes is the extra wide width for its compact volume. With its special features, this shape can then be adapted for either type of rider, making it the perfect board to be shared by all.For kids: the board is wide and compact, making it stable and light for kids to learn on. The full EVA deck and cool Kode graphics make it fun and comfortable. With the centre fin fitted, the board keeps young riders upwind in light winds and makes learning easy. Beginner footstrap positions and a leash attachment system are the additional features to help make learning an easy experience. For more advanced kids and adults: the shape of the board itself is a high performance compact wide-style board, designed for maximum maneuverability and a wide wind range. Fitted with the high performance fin in the tail and with the centre fin box sealed off with the supplied adaptor, the Kode Tufskin comes to life. Powered up with a full size sail, it transforms into a powerful, fast, maneuverable and exciting freerider.Key Features of the Starboard Kode Tuffskin Sailboard: Setting up the board - 3 fins and a fin-base adaptor are supplied to compliment the Kode Tufskins' dual purpose: Kids' entry level settings: Fit the two supplied plastic Shallow Fins and place the footstrap in the entry level positions. The fin base adaptor is not needed. Kids' progressing settings: Fit the Freeride fin in the tail only and place the footstrap in the intermediate positions. The centre finbox can be closed off with the supplied fin base adaptor. Kids' or adults' performance settings: Fit the freeride fin in the tail only, place the footstraps in the advanced settings. The centre finbox can be closed off with the supplied fin base adaptor. Length: 246 Width: 74.5 Volume: 137 Weight: 10.31 Ideal sail range: 2.0-9.5 - $1,199.95