Starboard Kode Technora Windsurf Board 122L - $799.95

The Wood and Technora versions continue with constructions that have been refined over a decade to provide the industry's leading warranty figures and the most reliable lightweight boards to date. The Kode 68, 74 and 80 are built to Dur-X standards: double sandwich construction, oversized reinforcements and on the Wood Dur-X models, there is a full 0.6mm wood skin (deck and bottom) for maximum rigidity, strength and dynamic shape integrity.Key Features of the Starboard Kode Technora Windsurf Board 122L: Special features on the Kode 68, 74, 80: Heel bumpers; double insert screws for the back foot. Special features on the Kode 86, 94, 102, 112, 122: No heel bumpers for a lighter and more direct feel; Inboard and outboard insert position options. New fins: for waves, G10 is out, polyester is in. The test team of four riders - Scott McKercher, Cyril Moussilmani, Svein Rasmussen, Boujmaa Guilloul - were unanimous: polyester versions of the Natural Wave fin series outperformed the G10 originals, by providing a more responsive flex that allows the fin to breathe and deliver more power with more grip. Fast rockerlines are the basis for speed, early planing and acceleration. A subtle tail-kick release edge provides a free-flying ride and a smooth carving nature in tight turns Fish Scale pads for a unidirectional grip. Grips when you need it to, releases when you don't Narrower pin tails in the tail tip of the Kode 86, 94 and 103 for a larger variety of turning ability. Spiraling vee concept creates more vee in the front of the board than in the tail: more front foot carving power and a more forgiving nature in rotational freestyle moves. Drake Natural Wave polyester fins (68, 74, 80, 86 models) Drake Crossover CNC G10 fins - designed by Curtis Hesselgrave (94, 103 models) Drake Freeride Glide Carbon Prepreg fins (112, 122 models) Double-screw fittings for the back footstrap for maximum insert shear resistance (74, 80 models). The Kode 68 also features an extra thin tail that requires the back strap to be mounted on an offset angle. Heel Bumpers on the 68, 74 and 80 models Harder release edge rails with a lower apex: more aggressive and a sharper rail biting sensation with more speed and acceleration Increased rail volume in the tail of the Kode 86, 94, 103, 112 provide more carving forgiveness. Volume (litres): 122 Length (cm.): 236 Width (cm.): 72 Tail Weight (cm.): 46.5 Weight (kg.): 7.35 Sail range (Msq): 5.5-9.0 Fin : 7.35 Fin range (cm): 5.5-9.0 Fin box : Drake Freeride Glide 380 - $799.95