Starboard Go Windsurf Board 171L - $1,343.95

The GO boards are designed around three key principles: make planing easy, make the ride fast and exciting, and make the handling fun and responsive. The new outlines are longer, including a profile that is stretched out and more slender. This allows the boards to get planing more smoothly and more gradually as they glide forwards. Maintaining plenty of width, the GOs remain super stable with lots of power in reserve. For more advanced riders, this power can be used with larger sails to maximize the board's early planing abilities, drive upwind and reach top speed. New hard rail edges allow the board to release cleanly from the water as it accelerates, promoting early planing yet further and giving the board a crisp, clean ride with sharp accelerations with every gust of wind. In the turns, the GO's shape makes jibing virtually automatic. They are the easiest boards to learn your carve jibes, perfect your skills and make your first fully-planing jibes. Their width, their narrow, rounded tails and the float designed into the board's rails makes them plane out of a jibe more easily than ever.Key Features of the Starboard Go Windsurf Board 171L: Carry handles in the centre: makes carrying the board under-arm easy Full soft EVA deck: comfortable for your feet, knees and elbows. You get lots of grip without the cuts or rashes. New for 2011: the EVA deck is raised high above the edges of the board to allow the water to flow freely around the board and carve jibe smoothly without interruption. The EVA deck is also reduced from the nose and tail area, keeping the soft deck away from abrasion intensive areas. Foostrap positions for every level of sailing: beginner, intermediates and advanced. Carry handles in the nose: makes carrying the board by two people more convenient. Length (cm): 271 Width (cm): 85.5 Thickness (cm): 14.8 Tail Width (cm): 54.6 Volume (L): 171 Fin: Drake Freeride Power 520 + Drake Shallow 410 Fin Box: Tuttle - $1,343.95