Starboard Go Windsurf Board 151L - $1,609.00

The GO are Starboard's iconic range of progressive freeriders They are the original, comfortable, stable and easy all-round designs that have transformed modern windsurfing by making it easy to progress from early-learner to advanced rider. What's progressive freeriding? It's about getting planing, hooking in to the harness, learning to waterstart, learning to windsurf with speed and power and mastering the carve jibe. The all-new 2013 GOs share the same ultra-modern slim shapes as the new 2013 Carve range. Wider and slimmer than ever, they enjoy a wider wind range than before. With the extra width comes more stability and earlier planing, and the ability to use bigger sails and deeper fins. With reduced thickness comes a sharper, more race-like sensation and improved control in higher winds. The new 8% slimmer GO boards: slim and fast. The GO boards are designed around three key principles: make planing easy, make the ride fast and exciting, and make the handling fun and responsive. Sharing the same shape as the latest slimmer Carves, these new shapes have proven to score almost perfectly in freeride tests: WindsurfJournal Freeride Test, Special '12 issue, Germany Planing: 10/10 Acceleration: 10/10 Top speed in low winds: 10/10 Top speed in high winds: 10/10 Top end control: 10/10 Maneuverability: 10/10 Keep planing: 9/10 Userfriendliness: 10/10Key Features of the Starboard Go Windsurf Board 151L: Wide outlines coupled with a thinner profile forms for more efficiency: By making the outlines wider, the boards will have better low-speed stability: this is important when uphauling or completing your jibes for example. By making the profiles thinner, these wider boards don't feel big - on the contrary, the lower center of gravity makes the board more responsive to foot- steering, quicker to carve and bite sharper into jibes. The combination of width and thinness also increases wind range: on one hand, the extra width allows the rider to fit a deeper fin and a larger sail, giving it more light wind power. On the other hand, the low volume from the thin profile allows the board to be more controllable in high winds, using a smaller sail and a smaller fin. The tail area of the deck remains heavily domed so that the board remains comfortable underfoot, in any strap position and even outside of the straps. The GOs are very accessible and comfortable to ride. Essentially a GO 171 with an added daggerboard, this blend gives a unique freeride board that has plenty of width, plenty of volume, an exciting free ride and the ability to glide upwind in lightwinds. The Clipperbox Daggerboard system also minimizes the disadvantage of having a daggerboard in a freeride shape: the daggerboard can be clipped out in an instant and the one-way rubber lips system prevents water from gushing through the daggerboard case at high speeds: the board remains light, crisp and free as it skims over the water. In the GO range the GO Windsurfer keeps the same shape as before. Why has it not been upgraded to the slimmer concept along with the others? The answer is simple: we tested the slimmer, wider shapes with a daggerboard and the loss of smooth gliding and the reduced length made the new shape inadequate for the Windsurfer concept. If you compare the length and width of the GO Windsurfer 171 against the GO 161, you will see that the GO Windsurfer is longer and narrower. This gives it the better blend of non-planing glide and planing performance. It feels just right. Length: 251 Volume: 151 Width: 81 Tail Width: 51.5 Thickness: 14.4 Bottom shape (from tail to nose): Flat Vee Number of footstrap rows : 3 Fin: Drake Freeride Power 500 + Drake Shallow 410 Finbox: Tuttle Recommended sail range: 6.5-10 Weight (Tufskin AST): 11.08 - $1,609.00