Starboard Futura Tuffskin Windsurf Board 122Ltrs 72cm - $999.95

The Futura Tuffskin Sailboards: the pure freeride boards that combine stability and ease of use with the widest wind range and the highest top end performance in its group. Blurring the lines between free-slalom boards and freeride boards, the Futuras are also, astonishingly, the most easy freeride boards in their group. This thanks to extra width and their ability to automatically deliver peak performance across a wide sweet spot. Starboard Futuras were recently introduced in the World's leading windsurfing centre. Starboard started the season with 30% of customer's bookings while the other 70% booked established offerings. By the end of the season, the bookings changed to 70%, even up to 90% for Starboard. The Futuras' impossible combination of maximum performance with the easiest and most stable shape made it the simple choice. Impossible engineering made possible: the Starboard Futura. The Tufskin models are the toughest option and also the most affordable with the highest weight. The Tufskin 122, 133, 141 and 155 also include additional intermediate footstrap options.Key Features of The Starboard Futura Tuffskin Sailboard: Extra Wide and Extra Slim New Cutaway Shapes that Reduces Wetted Surface Area Deliver Peak Performance Across Wide Sweet Spots Nose Features Deep Deck Concave to Lower the Mast Track 2010 NEW More Efficient Planning Surface that Delivers More Speed and Quicker Acceleration, but Loss of Control, Stability, and Power Volume: 122 Length: 245.5 Width: 71.5 Tail width: 46.3 Fin: Drake Freeride Glide 400 Finbox: Tuttle Recommended fin range: 32-44 Recommended sail range: 5.5-9.0 Weight (Tufskin): 8.89 - $999.95