Starboard Avanti AST SUP White 11' 2' x 36" - $899.95

"Stand Up Paddle boarding to the people." Easy to catch waves and wide enough to bring your kids or dogs. This voluptuous shape performs admirably in the surf, easy to catch waves, fast down the line and an agility that defies its proportions. While walking back after "take offs" you remain in balance due to the extra tail width which forgives minor mistakes. The Avanti is a ground breaking concept building on the success of the revolutionary Whopper (10'0" x 34") and adds both glide and stability to the world's most popular paddleboard. "If you are of a larger body build or perhaps heavy boned, then this is THE board for you." "Mono concave merging to slight double concave."Key Features of the Starboard Avanti AST SUP White 11' 2' x 36": Economical price with the same construction as AST Silver and AST Candy. Identical in shape to AST Candy, Wood and Silver models. Light-weight Startouch deck grip. Starboard injectionmolded center fins. 11'2" x 36", 10'5" x 32", 10'5" x 30", 10'0" x 36", and 10'0" x 34" are supplied with side flex fins and other boards with center fin only. Same great Starboard service and warranty. Length (cm): 340.4 Width (cm): 91.4 Thickness (cm): 11.9 Tail Width (cm): 48.5 Volume (L): 230 Center Fin: Hexcel 170 Side Fins: M5.5" - $899.95