Starboard Atlas AST SUP White 12' - $1,049.95

The Atlas was inspired by our long time friend Elling Balhald. He felt that despite Starboard having the world's largest Paddleboard offering, no shape was perfect for middle to heavy weight new-comers to the sport wanting to explore coastlines, lakes, rivers and yet have a board to check out local breaks. The length and smooth rocker promotes good glide for riders at all levels. Generous nose kick and ample tail kick makes it an easy board to catch waves with. The thin nose profile helps keeping the swing weight down.Key Features of the Starboard Atlas AST SUP White 12': Length: 12'0" 365.8 Width: 33" 83.8 Thickness: 5.0" 12.7 Tail Width: 16.8" 42.6 Volume: 236 L Thruster Center Fin: Hexcel 220 Side Fins: M4.7" - $1,049.95