Stanley Mini Wedge Runner - $1.88

One of the best crappie lures ever devised, the Mini Wedge Runner is also deadly on white bass and smallmouths. Its easy-spinning blades add vibration as the lure falls and is retrieved, while the slightest twitch kicks the patented tail to give the appearance of an injured minnow. Package contains one 1/8-oz. head with a spinner and four wedge-tail bodies.Size: 1/8 oz.Available: Willow, Colorado.Colors: (103)Black/Chartreuse, (112)Purple/Chartreuse, (124)Pearl, (125)Pink/White, (131)Salt/Pepper/Chartreuse, (133)Smoke/Pearl, (141)Pumpkin/Chartreuse, (150)White/Chartreuse . - $1.88