Stanley Jigs Sidewinder - $2.88

Few baits can match the Sidewinder's incredible versatility and lifelike movement. Rings along the body trap air as it's cast, adding bouyancy. Tiny air bubbles air escape as the Sidewinder drops in the water, allowing it to sink deadly slow. The soft rings collapse in a fish's mouth, giving it the real feel of live bait. Once bass bite, they won t want to let go. Add a rattle to the chamber in the tail for muddy water or night fishing. Use the Sidewinder without a rattle and the chamber becomes an air pocket causing the tail to stand straight up - ideal for shakey heads. A slight shake of the rod releases the air bubbles, making the bait "breathe" like a crawfish when laying in hiding. Pair it with a T-Wacky hook (sold separately) for a lifelike action, either hooked through the middle or the nose. Trim it down and fish it as a jigging eel. The versatility doesn t end there. The Sidewinder is also great for Texas and Carolina rigging, dead-sticking and fished fluke style near the top. Per 6.Size: 5-1/2".Colors: (001)Watermelon/Red, (002)Watermelon/Purple, (003)Melon/Red Purple, (004)Bull Frog, (005)Christmas, (006)Redbug, (007)Green Pumpkin/Red, (008)Junebug, (009)Black/Neon, (010)Catalpa Red, (011)Baitfish. - $2.88