Stanley Ball Buster Buzzbait - Black/Blue - $5.29

Packed with strike-enticing buzz, splash and flash, this lure offers a bit of extra temptation other buzzbaits dont have. The addition of a couple of balls to a downward-bent blade shaft causes them to click against the rotating blade with each revolution, resulting in a click-clack sound as the lure churns across the surface. Per each. Size: 3/8 oz. Colors: (163)Black/Blue, (203)Chartreuse/White Blue/Chrome, (205)Golden Bream/Orange, (206)Tennessee Shad/Orange, (208)Sexy Shad/Chartreuse, (209)Blue Back Herring, (216)Stump Perch, (217)Bleeding Shad. Color: Black/Blue. - $5.29