SRM Powercontrol Alloy Clamp - $60.00

Wing-style handlebars have beautifully profiled tops that mate like a glove to the natural curvature of your hands. The primary downside to these bars, though, is that their flat, anatomic shape prevents you from mounting a computer to your bar. While FSA has introduced their clever Control Center computer mount, it's designed specifically to carry the weight of your typical Cateye-style computer -- relatively small, light, and cordless. If you try to install an SRM PowerControl unit on a Control Center, it's likely a recipe for a disaster. In comparison to a traditional computer, the PowerControl is heavier, longer, and wider. Hit some railroad tracks, a pothole, (or some Belgian pav), and you're a likely candidate for having your PowerControl completely or at least half-way dislodge from its Control Center home. Given that a repair of a PowerControl starts at about $350, and a complete replacement is closer to $800, folks who use an SRM have been forced to stay away from wing-style bars.In their typical style, though, SRM confronted the problem head-on, and like the engineering superheroes they are, they've invented an elegant solution. They now offer a CNC'd alloy bar clamp that has as much clamping power as their standard plastic model, but whose clamp width is about 1/3 as wide as the plastic model. It's so narrow that it wraps around the thin rounded area on a K-Wing bar directly to the right of your stem faceclamp. Just genius, and gorgeous to behold to boot. And please note that it works for oversize handlebars only. And it's not just for wing-style OS bars, but it's compatible with any OS bar. It weighs 20g, 4g heavier than the standard plastic version. This mount is compatible with both the PowerControl V and the wireless PowerControl VI. - $60.00