SRAM XX1 Crankset - 168 Q-Factor - $285.00

SRAM's dedication to improve mountain bike components has not gone unnoticed with its newest group, XX1. As a whole, XX1 works as an efficient machine -- each piece engineered for precision and seamless execution on cross country and downhill trails. Individually these components play a vital role in making this group the trendsetter that it is. The XX1 Crankset sets itself apart with its game-changing design and the Zen-like simplicity that comes with running a single chainring. The functionality, Q-factor, and compatibility offered by XX1 make it the standout component in the new SRAM arsenal. Carbon arms have been mated to a redesigned aluminum spider for a lightweight crank arm that doesn't require a finessing of parts to make an optimal single-ring setup. The X-SYNC chainring is designed for maximum chain control, with each tooth being CNC-machined to support the chain's inner and outer links. The machining process provides a variable thickness from tooth-to-tooth, so the chain and chainring essentially lock together as you pedal. However, the locking of the two doesn't inhibit pedal efficiency, and it eliminates the commonplace ailments associated with running a single ring upfront. What we love most is the liberation from chain guides in order to keep the chain in place on rugged, chain-slapping trails. SRAM even goes as far as to say that you have a better chance of dropping your chain with a front derailleur than you do with the XX1 crank and chain combo. The new chainring's 76 bolt circle diameter sets it apart from others in the SRAM catalog. This diameter emanated from a functionality standpoint, not as an afterthought of the new, universal spider shape. Its design makes it simple to remove the chainring for maintenance or ratio changes. Gone are the days of finagling the chainring off the spider -- just unscrew the bolts, move the chainring off, and have the replacement on in minutes. - $285.00