SRAM X9 3x10 Low Direct Mount - S1 Front Derailleur - $52.95

While single chainring, otherwise know as one-by, drivetrain setups get more popular every year, there's still many of us that prefer the wider gear range that a triple-chainring setup provides. And although SRAM's XX1 group set is complicit in the one-by's growing popularity, SRAM still provides us 3x10 loyalists with options. With SRAM's X9 3x10 S1 Direct Mount Front Derailleur, you're able to run a triple chainring with an S1-type, low direct-mount front derailleur. The X9 front derailleur utilizes SRAM's direct 1:1 actuation ratio in order to ensure precise shifting. Essentially, this means that the derailleur cage moves the same distance as the amount of cable that's being pulled during a shift. So, what's the benefit' Well, this ratio provides you with powerful, crisp, and precise shifts without expending much energy. And since precision is the name of the game when it comes to shifting, the X9's steel cage minimizes flex. In turn, this ensures that your shifts are crisp, not lagging. The SRAM X9 3x10 S1 Low Direct Mount Front Derailleur is intended for use with triple chainring cranksets, and it requires the use of an S1 low direct derailleur mount. Please note that this front derailleur is only compatible with SRAM 1:1 shifters. - $52.95