SRAM Quarq Red BB30 Powermeter - $2,045.00

The accurate measurement of power is a critical component for anyone looking to advance their abilities in the saddle, and the Quarq Red BB30 Powermeter is the next step in powermeter technology. When SRAM and Quarq conjoined brains under a year ago, a prototype named Codename Mercury revealed itself. This revolutionary system has now taken shape as the Quarq Red, and it features advancements such as an increased reading accuracy, decreased overall weight, and a waterproof design that places it miles ahead of the competition. If you demand the best, this is the only powermeter for you.The Quarq Red BB30 Powermeter is Quarq's most sophisticated Powermeter system to date. The Red features SRAM's integrated, carbon crankarms and 2012 Red chainrings. For a rigid attachment, the Red uses a CNC-machined aluminum spider. The result is the holy grail of Powermeters--a high-performance crankset that feels, looks, and acts like the revolutionary 2012 SRAM Red. You also maintain the hallmark weight savings of SRAM, with the complete Powermeter weighing in at an ultra-light claimed weight of 778 grams. The Red Powermeter is also extremely accurate, operating on the powerful ANT+ wireless system with an expressed accuracy of +/- 1.5%. This, new to 2012, increased accuracy boasts a 0.5% advantage over most SRM Powermeters.Choosing the Quarq Red Powermeter provides you with several advantages over other systems. For one, it's the first and only Powermeter system to be designed and integrated for use with the 2012 SRAM Red groupset, operating flawlessly with the new Red Yaw front derailleur and Red shifters. Also new to the Red is Quarq's Power Balance technology that displays the ratio of power generated between the drive and non-drive crankarms. This function seeks to improve rider-form and efficiency, as you can now quantifiably measure uneven distributions of force in your pedal stroke. - $2,045.00