Spyderco Sharpmaker Sharpener - Black - $79.99

Four stones, 12 sides hundreds of ways to make your life sharper. Each high-alumina ceramic stones triangular shape lets you hone plain edges on the flat sides and serrated edges with the corners. Includes two medium-grit stones and a pair of fine-grit stones. A channel running the length of each stone sharpens pointed objects like fishhooks. Keyed slots for three pre-set sharpening angles: 30 (15 each side) and 40 (20 each side) for knives, and 12-1/2 for scissors. Use two stones side-by-side like a classic benchstone on large knives. Its lid snaps halfway over the base to form a handhold. Use it dry; requires no oils or lube. Autoclave safe. Includes instructional book and DVD. Made in USA. Available: Medium Fine. Color: Black. Type: Sharpeners. - $79.99