Spyder Conduct Face Windstop Touch Screen Gloves (Previous Season) - $50.00

Spyder Conduct Face Windstop Touch Screen Gloves (Previous Season) - Stay warm in the cold with the Spyder Conduct Facer Windstop Ski Gloves. There are plenty of features to ensure that you stay warm, dry and comfortable all throughout the day. Starting with the insulation, you'll have ThermaWeb Insulation trapping the heat inside the gloves so you remain warm and at an optimal temperature. The 3L Microfleece is made with Xt.L Windstop which is breathable and waterproof as well as impermeable to the wind. This helps the moisture from inside the glove dissipate quicker so you can stay comfortable. If you are calling, texting or scrolling through e-mail, you won't have to take off these gloves and face the cold. The TouchTec Technology is created in a way that allows you to use a touch screen without freezing your hands off! Durable, reliable, warm and comfortable, you'll love everything about these Spyder Conduct Facer Windstop Ski Gloves. Features: ThermaWeb Insulation. Warranty: Lifetime, Battery Heated: No, Wristguards: No, Waterproof: No, Breathable: No, Cuff Style: Under the cuff, Touch Screen Capable: Yes, Glove Quality: Better, Glove Weather Condition: Spring, Glove/Mitten Insulation: Synthetic, Model Year: 2013, Product ID: 288274, Model Number: 127229001222P, GTIN: 0886311192616, Down Filled: No, Pipe Glove: No, Glove Outer Fabric: Synthetic, Use: Ski/Snowboard, Type: Glove, Race: No, Material: 3L Microfleece with Xt.L Windstop and Spylon W/R, Removable Liner: No - $50.00