Spro Fat Papa 70 - Yellow - $11.99

Designed by professional bass angler Russ Lane, this crankbait features a body thats wider than those of others in the SPRO line. The result is a distinct action and unique vibration as it runs through the water that bass find hard to resist. Premium Gamakatsu trebles. Per each. Size: 2-3/4, 3/4-oz., runs 9-12 ft. Colors: (013)Nasty Shad, (017)Honey Craw, (018)Honey Shad, (019)Lavender Shad, (022)Tennessee River Gizzard, (071)Mellow Yellow, (170)Hickory Shad, (700)Olive Craw. Color: Yellow. Type: Crankbaits. - $11.99