Spro Dean Rojas Bronzeye Frog and Bronzeye Frog Jr. - Natural - $9.99

Part of the Dean Rojas Signature Series, the Bronzeye Frog is the perfect size and style to fish in heavy cover or in open water. The frog is designed to cast long distances and land on its belly every time. Made with only the most enticing of colors. Gamakatsu hooks. Per each. Available: Original (5/8 oz.), Junior (1/2 oz.). Colors: (570)Amazon, (587)Freak, (594)Killer Gill, (617)Natural, (624)Outback,(768)Ayu Flash,(775)Hornet,(885)Green Tree, (886)Midnight Walker, (887)Natural Green, (888)Natural Red, (889)Rainforest Black, (893)Neon Glow, (899)Toad, (903)Halloween, (904)Nasty Shad, (905)Red Ear. Color: Natural. Type: Frog Baits. - $9.99