Spro Bronzeye Popper - Natural - $9.99

Lure bass out of thick cover with the irresistible prospect of an easy meal. The loud popping action and flashing bronze eyes are an instant attention-getter for fish on the prowl in heavy weeds and densely vegetated shorelines. Specially designed Gamakatsu two-prong hooks ensure solid hookups. With six colors to choose from, pick your favorite for day or nighttime fishing action. Per each. Size: 2-2/5, 1/2 oz. Colors: (570)Amazon, (587)Freak, (594)Killer Gill, (617)Natural, (624)Outback, (782)Speck, (799)Misty Shad, (884)Leopard, (887)Natural Green, (888)Natural Red, (889)Rainforest Black,(896)Albino, (898)Black Widow, (899)Nasty Shad. Color: Natural. Type: Topwater Poppers. - $9.99