Spro Aruku Shad - Green - $7.99

This bait does things no other lipless crankbait can. It locks on the bottom, nose down, to mimic feeding baitfish. That action, along with the internal rattle for vibration, drives bedded bass crazy. And, as part of Roland Martins Signature Series, the baits been tested and proven to catch fish. Two Gamakatsu round treble hooks improve your hookup ratio. Imported. Per each. Sizes: 2-1/3, 3/8 oz. 3, 5/8 oz. Colors: (002)Gold/Black, (003)Green Shiner, (004)Magic Shad, (006)Perch, (008)Old Glory, (013)Cell Mate, (014)Chrome Shad. Color: Green. Type: Lipless Baits. - $7.99