SPOT Satellite Personal Messenger - $49.88

If your outdoor adventures take you to remote areas, the Satellite Personal Outdoor Tracker (SPOT) could be a lifesaver. It's the world's first satellite messenger capable of sending alerts to family, friends or a 911 center. The 911 button sends your coordinates to North American authorities every five minutes until the alert is canceled. The unit's HELP button sends a personalized note, current location coordinates and a link to a Google Map to up to five cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses if you need assistance, but don't require emergency services or immediate rescue. The TEST/OK button verifies that the unit works or sends an "all is well" message. Built to handle extreme conditions, SPOT is water-resistant to 3-1/2 ft., buoyant, rated to handle salt, fog, and humidity; it operates in temperatures from -40F to 185F and at altitudes ranging from -300 ft. to 21,300 ft. An On/Off power button prevents accidental activation and transmission. SPOT works in North and South America, Europe, Russia, Australia and hundreds of miles offshore independently of cell phone systems. Included AA lithium batteries last up to 14 days in tracking mode, seven days in 911 mode and supply power to send upwards of 1,900 messages. Wt: 7.4 oz. Requires annual subscription with manufacturer. - $49.88