SportDog Brand WetlandHunter SD-AW 1825 Add-A-Dog Collar - Camo - $149.99

The WetlandHunter SDR-AW 1825 Add-A-Dog collar has all the built-in performance you need to control a second hunting dog using a WetlandHunter transmitter. This receiver has up to one mile of range. The slim and ergonomic collar ensures a perfect fit. The waterproof DryTek receiver is submersible up to 25 ft. It uses rechargeable, replaceable lithium-ion batteries and has a low-battery indicator. Fully charges in just two hours. It has a 40-60 hour battery life. On and off switch on receiver. Will work with any WetlandHunter SDR-AW 1825 transmitter. Charging cradle included. Camo pattern: Realtree Advantage MAX-4 HD. Color: Camo. - $149.99