Spike-It Color-C-Lector - $119.99

Anglers everywhere agree lure color is one of the key - if not the most important - factors in fishing success. But choosing the right color every time is the difficult part. The Color-C-Lector shows which colors fish see best at any depth and degree of water clarity, allowing you to choose the correct color with confidence, regardless of species. Spike-It lure company has teamed up with Dr. Loren Hill to reintroduce the revolutionary color-selection tool he originally developed in the late 1980s. This new digital version has been completely re-engineered to give anglers a slimmer handheld unit that is much more user-friendly than the original mechanism. Dr. Hill's painstaking research is interfaced with digital technology to provide anglers with the best possible lure color for any fishing condition and any fish species. As the former director of the University of Oklahoma's Zoology Department and Biological Research Center, Hill spent more than nine years establishing a range of 26 colors that fish could distinguish best under different degrees of water clarity and varying levels of light penetration. The Color-C-Lector is the result of that continuous and repeated scientific experimentation, reflecting actual responses of fish to color under all conditions an angler can possibly encounter. Use it to take the guesswork out of selecting the right lure color. Use Spike-It's custom coloring products to come up with the perfect color match. Is color really that important? The Color-C-Lector will answer that question the moment you first try it - guaranteed! - $119.99