Spiderwire Stealth Superbraid 125-Yard Fishing Line Tracer Yellow - $5.88

Teflon pressure-treated construction for quiet, monofilament-like manageability. Gel-spun, polyethylene microfibers glide smoothly over line guides and levelwinds without causing cuts or abrasions. The round cross section enables it to lay evenly over the spool without digging in or binding. New improved Color-Lock technology means the line will maintain its color and not fade. Casts 15% farther than other lines.Color: Tracer Yellow.Lb. TestMono. Eq. Dia. (lbs.)Dia. (in.)81.50.0071020.0081540.0092060.0103080.01250120.014 Type: Super Lines. Monofilament EquivalentDiameter (lb. test): 1.5 lb.. Lb. Test: 8. Lb.Test 8#. - $5.88