Spenco Blister Pads - $4.99

On Sale. Spenco Blister Pads Be nice to your feet and comfort blisters with Spenco Blister Pads. Each Spenco Blister Pad is soft with hydrocolloid pad covered by a thin film dressing to help keep blisters from drying out, promoting fast, scab-free healing. Each application lasts up to 5 days and protects from dirt, bacteria and water (agua). If you have a pair of ruby red slippers that tend to cause blisters, you can use the Spenco Blister Pads to prevent blisters from occurring. SPECIFICATIONS: Spenco Blister Pads (Fall 2009) Package contains 5 soft hydrocolloid pads Each Blister Pad is 2.25 x 1.5 inches - $4.99