Special Blend Kalahari First Layer Pants Burnt Olive Crkl - $18.86

When you achieve the ideal mix with every element in the right proportion, the result is a Special Blend. For snowboarders, that perfect formula begins with Special Blend Kalahari First Layer Bottoms for men. Special Blend understands the science of layering multiple lighter-weight garments to achieve superior insulation compared to a single bulky item. Kalahari First Layer Bottoms are fabricated in all-poly, anti-bacterial treated fabric that wicks away sweat as it combats odor. Cover stitched seams help seal in pockets of warm air to insulate the wearer from winter's chill in this fitted first layer pant.Key Features of The Special Blend Kalahari 1st Layer Bottom: 100% Polyester Wicking Properties Cover Stitched Seams Fitted First Layer Pants Anti Bacteria Added on Fabric to Prevent Odor - $18.86