Special Blend Criss Cross Beanie - $16.85

Is your hair just not keeping your ears warm enough this season? Well if your looking for an extremely cute way to keep warm this summer, you will absolutely love this Special Blend Criss Cross Beanie. It offers a cute fluffy design, with these really cute hang down ear flaps for even more added warmth. The flaps then have these cute strings with balls on the ends hanging off of them. And a beanie isn't a beanie without a cute fluffy ball on the top, which this one has. It's an all around cure for you winter time needs. It's one of those rare good looking beanies that don't come around very often.Key Features of The Special Blend Criss Cross Women's Beanie: Hand knit 100% Acrylic Fleece lined Faux fur on earflaps Woven logo label - $16.85