Southern Pro Tri-Color Lil' Hustlers With Scent 25 Pack - $0.88

Lil' Hustlers are the hottest tubes known to the crappie fishing world. They are made with cooked-in minnow scent to attract even the finickiest crappie. You can choose from the best selection of stringer-filling colors offered anywhere in the country. Per 25.Sizes: 1-1/2", 2".Colors: (070)Black/Red/Pearl, (093)Black/Green/Chartreuse, (106)Black/Red/Chartreuse, (111)Red/White/Clear Sparkle, (183)Red/Yellow/Chartreuse, (222)Black/White/Chartreuse, (411)Red Sparkle/Pearl, (543)Red/Green/Yellow, (659)Red/Blue/Clear, (781)Red/Pearl/Smoke, (965)Pink/White/Chartreuse, (966)Red/Orange/Pumpkin Seed. - $0.88