Southern Pro Original Lil' Hustlers With Scent - 25 Pack - RED/CHART (1 1/2") - $0.88

These are the hottest tubes known to the crappie fishing world. They are made with cooked-in minnow scent that's irresistible to crappies. Choose from the best selection of stringer-filling colors offered anywhere in the country. Per 25.Sizes: 1-1/2", 2".Colors: (001)White, (004)Yellow, (011)Red/White, (016)Black/White, (017)Red/Chartreuse Sparkle, (018)Black/Yellow, (020)Pearl, (024)Black/Chartreuse Sparkle, (027)Hot Pink, (032)Blue/Chartreuse, (035)Smoke Sparkle, (057)Blue/White, (067)Yellow/Chartreuse, (072)Black/Orange, (090)Black/Chartreuse, (096)Chartreuse, (117)Glow Pink, (122)Hot Pink/White, (124)Red/Yellow, (126)Orange/Chartreuse, (131)Chartreuse/White, (133)White/Chartreuse, (138)Blue/Clear Sparkle, (145)Clear Sparkle, (158)Red/Clear Sparkle, (179)White/Chartreuse Sparkle, (185)Glow Pink/White, (188)Glow Pink/Chartreuse, (192)Black/Blue, (205)Red/Chartreuse, (226)Chartreuse/Sparkle, (273)Black/Firetail, (279)Glow Black/Chartreuse, (301)Clear/Multi-Sparkle, (306)Brown/Orange, (471)Glow Pearl, (509)Green Pepper Yellow, (581)Light Smoke/Red Sparkle, (641)Yellow HD/White, (708)Glow Orange/Chartreuse, (943)Black/Lime, (828)Pumpkin Seed/Chartreuse, (909)Glow Red/Chartreuse, (969)Orange Chartreuse/Pepper, (973)Pumpkin Pepper/Chartreuse. Type: Tubes. Size 1 1/2". Color Red/Chart. - $0.88