Southern Pro Crappie Kits (80 PC. LIT'L HUSTLER) - $5.88

Increase your success with the Southern Pro Crappie Kits. Each kit contains panfish-specific baits and hooks. Available: 261-Piece Hard-Head Kit 16 different colors of 1-1/2 Litl Hard-Head jig colors, with 15 jigs in each color. Also includes 10 1/32-oz. and 10 1/16-oz. Southern Pro Round-Head jigheads. Comes in reusable, 18-compartment tackle box. 80-Piece Hard-Head Kit 10 each of Southern Pros top seven jig colors in their popular 1-1/2 Litl Hard-Head style, along with 10 1/16-oz. Round-Head jigheads. 80-Piece Litl Hustler Kit 70 of Southern Pros 1-1/2 Litl Hustler tubes (seven colors; 10 jigs per color) and 10 1/32-oz. Minnow-Head jigheads. Size: 80 PC. LIT'L HUSTLER. - $5.88