Southern Pro 2 Hot Grubs 25-Pack - Black/Chartreuse - $3.29

Just because theyre small doesnt mean these little grubs wont pack a wallop. The tri-colored bodies add that extra bit of enticement that just might be the ticket to a full stringer of fish at the end of the day. Measuring 2 long, and available in a wide variety of colors, these grubs are a welcome addition to any tackle arsenal. Per 25. Size: 2. Colors: (001)Tennessee Shad,(003)Blue Shiner, (005)Acid Rain,(012)Chartreuse Shad,(014)Black/Blue/Chartreuse, (016)Lemon Meringue, (017)Blue/Chartreuse, (022)Black/Red/Chartreuse, (025)Popsicle, (032)Black/Chartreuse Sparkle, (034)Weiss Lake Killer, (035)Red Shiner,(043)White Lightning, (526)Kentucky Lake Killer, (928)Pure White. Color: Black/Chartreuse. Type: Grubs. - $3.29