Solio Xcellerator USB Battery Bundle - $29.83

The Solio Xcellerator USB battery bundle runs on AA batteries and can be recharged by USB to deliver a rapid charge to any Solio charger, even in low light. Xcellerator comes with two 800mAh AA batteries and can be used to rapidly charge Solio chargers (sold separately) when sunlight isn't available. Kickstand creates a central pivot point, making it easy to track the sun like a sundial; simply point the solar panels at the sun and rotate them to follow the sun's path. Simple, fast-charging design charges a single AA battery from the sun in 4 - 6 hrs. and just over 4 hrs. from the USB charging cable or from a power outlet. When the AA battery is charging, the LED indicator will turn red; when charging is complete the light will turn blue. When the Xcellerator is not capturing solar energy, it can break down into separate pieces and slide easily into a backpack or messenger bag for travel. Xcellerator panels plug into the micro-USB ports of any Solio product to accelerate the pace of charge. The Solio Xcellerator USB battery bundle is particularly useful for cloudy days when the power of the sun is diminished and solar charging happens more slowly. - $29.83