Solio Classic 2 Solar Charger - $52.83

The svelte Solio Classic 2 solar charger boasts a full-size USB port and twice the capacity of its predecessor. A day in the sun provides up to 3 complete charges for your portable electronic devices! Compact design fits easily in a backpack or messenger bag, ready to collect the sun's energy; just place in the light and the 10.1 oz. Solio begins to charge. Unit fans into a flower shape; insert a pencil into the central pivot point and prop Solio up to point it directly at the sun. When the sun goes down, the 3,200mAh battery can be re-charged via the micro-USB port; the battery charges in 4.5 hours from a USB power source. Apple(R) output is optimized for Apple products; CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association) standard output is optimized for most other devices. Simple, fast-charging lithium-ion battery stores solar energy for up to 1 year, letting you charge up your portable electronic accessories. Easy-to-operate charger can be powered up from either solar energy or, when the sun goes down, from a computer with the included USB charging cable. Once charged, simply plug in electronic device, press a button and charging begins; status-indicator LED on button shows power level of battery. Approximate charge time for the Solio Classic 2 from the sun is 8 to 10 hrs. and just over 6 hrs. from the USB charging cable or from a wall outlet. - $52.83