SolBites Snack Crackers and Spread - $2.00

Pack SolBites Snack Crackers and Spread as a tasty treat on the trail or throw 1 in your kid's lunch box before she heads to school. They're a great alternative to candy bars and other sugary snacks. Package includes crackers, 2 tasty spreads and a wooden stick for applying the spreads to the crackers. Peanut Butter/Strawberry flavor offers all-natural creamy peanut butter and a delicious fruit spread that is sure to satisfy your hunger. Almond Butter/Honey flavor features almond butter made from 100% roasted California almonds; spreadable honey cream stays on the cracker and won't make a mess. Chocolate Almond/Strawberry flavor is an indulgent treat at only 200 calories! It combines creamy, rich chocolate almond butter and a tasty strawberry fruit spread. Nutrition facts displayed here and on packaging may differ; information on packaging reflects actual contents. *Discount will be applied when you check out. Offer not valid for sale-price items ending in $._3 or $._9. - $2.00