SoFlo SUP Paddleboard Olive/Camo 11' - $689.95

Stand-up paddle boarding is the greatest way to experience the water and is quickly rising in popularity. It is great for lakes, rivers and the sea. Experience gliding on the water's surface; this is as close as it gets to "walking on water". The SoFlo Paddleboard provides a great yet comfortable workout. This board is easy to use and allows users of any skill level, to be comfortable and enjoy the ride. SoFlo Paddleboards come in a variety of board & pad colors, mix & match to create your own unique board!Key Features of the SoFlo SUP Paddleboard: Constructed of hi-tech co-polymer materials making it extremely durable. Designed with both front and rear rockers to improve maneuverability. A large 7′ pad provides grip and comfort. The 11" Curtis Hesselgrave designed Urethane fin (included) is unbreakable and removable. Unique through hole handle allows you to lock up your board with a cable. 11′ long, 32" wide, 39 pounds - $689.95