Sockwell by Goodhew Argyle Compression Socks - Men's - $24.95

Sockwell Argyle Compression socks offer moderate graduated leg compression. Compression improves blood flow, flushes lactic acid and reduces fluid built-up. Gradient compression is greatest at the ankles and gradually decreases toward the tops of the socks; blood pushes upward toward your heart, maximizing circulation. Moderate (15 - 20 mmHg) compression is recommended for all day and everyday wear, prolonged sitting or standing, travel, exercise and recovery and minor to moderate swelling. Fiber blend balances the durability and thermoregulation properties of wool with naturally antimicrobial and luxurious bamboo. Spandex used throughout the entire sock ensures a snug fit all day long and helps prevent slipping in the shoe. Seam-free toe closures ensure that you don't even notice they are there. Turn welt tops help keep the socks up and gives if you want a clean, finished appearance to the top of the sock. Spandex bands knitted into the arch areas of the Sockwell Argyle Compression socks provide support to the arches and reduce sock slippage on the foot. Y-heel construction contours the heels more exactly to the foot and helps reduce the incidence of the sock slippage into the shoe. *Discount will be applied when you check out. Offer not valid for sale-price items ending in $._3 or $._9. - $24.95