Snowcarve 99i Ski Boards - $99.95

Snowcarve 99i Ski Boards - A cool new way to experience the mountain when the snow begins to fall, the Snowcarve 99i Ski Boards are a fun and new way to go. These ski boards are a smaller version of a full length ski but will allow you to maneuver around easily as you try out some new things. Groomed trails, powder, moguls, even the park and pipe, these ski blades will go all over the mountain. The wood core design will give you the stability you desire and stellar edge grip to initiate and make those turns. Experience riding on the mountain in a whole different way and have fun on these cool new Snowcarve 99i Ski Boards. . Snowblades: Yes, Skill Range: Beginner - Advanced Intermediate, Product ID: 304066 - $99.95