Smithwick G-Finish Suspending Rattlin' Rogue - Black - $1.88

This wounded-minnow action rattler has always been effective, and now it has a new weapon in its arsenal, Cabelas-exclusive G-Finish. The guanine-based scales of a fish create a flash as light reflects, and that flash attracts predator fish. Weve duplicated that effect by blending pigments and luminescent elements. The changing pearlescent reflection broadens and narrows depending upon the direction and intensity of the light. Its the most accurate reflection you can get without using live bait. Combined with the tried-and-true extra-loud rattle chambers of the Rogue, this is one of the most effective multi-species combinations on the market. Cast it and reel it straight in, use a stop-and-go retrieve, use it as a jerkbait or troll it, this lure gets results no matter what technique is being used. Bead chain and custom snap prevent line twist and kinks. Per each. Sizes: Medium Suspending 4-1/2, 3/8 oz., dives to 6 ft. Colors: (106)Firetiger, (107)Table Rock Shad, (108)Tennessee Shad, (109)Watermelon Red, (110)Black/Glass, (111)Blue/Glass. Color: Black. Type: Stick Baits. - $1.88