Smith Scope Snow Goggles - Men's - $40.00

The Smith Scope men's snow goggles offer a great field of vision with a versatile, all-conditions lens tint and a sleek design. Double lenses create an insulation barrier between cold outer air and warm air inside the goggles, preventing fog formation. Fog-X(TM) antifog treatment is bonded permanently to the inner lens for optimum fog-free vision. Structural ventilation system moves air freely through the lens chamber, and a semiporous foam filters moisture and snow particles. Self-adjusting split-V nose offers a comfortable fit; soft hypoallergenic foam creates a total seal around your face. Extra-wide, quick-adjust strap is backed with silicone grippers to provides a comfortable, secure fit. Articulating Outrigger Positioning System transfers pressure evenly across the brow and nose to create a complete seal around the face; helps optimize fit when using a helmet. RC36 lens tint combines rose and copper base tints to improve depth perception, cut glare and increase contrast for all-around use; allows 36% visible light transmission (VLT). Microfiber bag helps protect lens during storage. The Smith Scope snow goggles offer a medium fit with medium volume. - $40.00